About Us

Who We Are
We are a Community Interest Company based in the North West of England and working to support communities, and voluntary and community organisations.

What We Do

We  help voluntary and community organisations from the culture and heritage sector to become stronger and more sustainable.  We want them to be better placed to respond to the needs and challenges faced by them and the people they work with.

​We help communities and organisations to capture and protect their heritage and history for now and for future generations.

We empower communities to develop creative responses to social issues.

How We Do It
Community Development – designing and delivering innovative community projects;


Project Development – working with voluntary and community organisations to develop and deliver projects that identify and respond to the needs of the people they work with;

Project Management – managing and coordinating projects on behalf of other organisations and partners;

Evaluation & Community Consultation – evaluating the impact of community projects and initiatives; giving communities the opportunity to shape the decisions that are being made on their behalf;

Fund Raising – delivering a bespoke fundraising service, securing funding from various income streams, and delivering fundraising training.